Animal Husbandry

A. Livestock and Poultry

Sl. No. Year Description
a. animal
i) Cows (in numbers) 2007 339180
ii) Buffalo (in numbers) 2007 52588
Other Animals (Include Poultry)
i) Goats (in numbers) 2007 246903
ii)Pig (in numbers) 2007 85528
iii) Dogs and Bitches (in numbers) 2007 2794

animal Health (2010-11)

Sl. No. Description
No. of Category – I Veterinary Hospital 09
Provincial Veterinary Hospital No. 02
Number of AI Centers managed by the Department 11


Sl. No. Description
Pakur-PDMC Beneficiary List(Subsidy Released)/Physical Verification Completed PDMC Beneficiary List