Three Tier Panchayat (General) Election 2022

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1 Reservation Mukhiya Amrapara Reservation Mukhiya_Amrapara
2 Reservation Mukhiya Hiranpur Reservation Mukhiya_Hiranpur
3 Reservation Mukhiya Littipara Reservation Mukhiya_Littipara
4 Reservation Mukhiya Maheshpur Reservation Mukhiya_Maheshpur
5 Reservation Mukhiya Pakur Reservation Mukhiya_Pakur
6 Reservation Mukhiya Pakuria Reservation Mukhiya_Pakuria
7 Reservation Panchayat Samiti Amrapara Reservation Panchayat Samiti_Amrapara
8 Reservation Panchayat Samiti Hiranpur Reservation Panchayat Samiti_Hiranpur
9 Reservation Panchayat Samiti Littipara Reservation Panchayat Samiti_Littipara
10 Reservation Panchayat Samiti Maheshpur Reservation Panchayat Samiti_Maheshpur
11 Reservation Panchayat Samiti Pakur Reservation Panchayat Samiti_ Pakur
12 Reservation Panchayat Samiti Pakuria Reservation Panchayat Samiti_Pakuria
13 Reservation Ward Amrapara Reservation Ward_Amrapara
14 Reservation Ward Hiranpur Reservation Ward_Hiranpur
15 Reservation Ward Littipara Reservation Ward_Littipara
16 Reservation Ward Maheshpur Reservation Ward_Maheshpur
17 Reservation Ward Pakur Reservation Ward_Pakur
18 Reservation Ward Pakuria Reservation Ward_Pakuria
19 Reservation ZP Reservation_Zila Parishad
20 Reservation PramukhP Reservation_Pramukh

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1 List of disqualified candidates who did not file election expenditure account Panaji in three-tier panchayat election 2015 16 08.01.22 Debar PSS 64 31.01.22 Debar Mukhiya 66 31.01.22 Debar Ward Member 214 12.04.2022

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1 Publication of election information in Panchayat Election 2022 Form 5 Mukhiya PSS Ward Zila Parishad

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1 Publication of election program information in Form 5 of the second phase for the three-tier Panchayat (General) election, 2022 Format 5_Mukhiya Hiranpur Format 5_Mukhiya Maheshpur Format 5_PSS Hiranpur Format 5_PSS Maheshpur Format 5_Ward Hiranpur Format 5_Ward Maheshpur Format 5_ZP Hiranpur Format 5_ZP Maheshpur

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1 Appendix VIII, Report on the status of contesting candidates after withdrawal of candidates. Parishisht VIII, VIII(Ka)_Phase 2

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1 Information relating to Expenditure Account. Panchayat

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1 District Panchayat Branch Revised Order. Revised Letter